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Sandy stood there as Jasmine went down. He stood there and watched her writhe in agony; nothing else, he just watched. His maelstrom of thoughts had suddenly silenced.

She’d caused it. She wouldn’t leave him alone, no-one would leave him alone, and she brought up it. He’d done what he’d done because she did what she did, and that was why she was in the state she was in.

Yet, apart from the heavy rise and fall of his chest, he was frozen, transfixed on her. She was a bloody mess, and she was screaming, and it was all so familiar and oh God.

His hand shot up to his brow again, as his eyes pulled wide back in his skull. Her face was full of glass and scars, and she was hurt and she was going to die and oh God why had he made himself remember?

His breathing grew heavier, muscles aching as he tensed them tight, sweat dripping down across his face. “Shut up, shut up, shut up…” he muttered, still gripping at his forehead, still wanting to stop remembering things, still wanting for everything to just do what he said and shut up.

What was the point of spending so much of his time trying to forget, trying to move past it, if something like this was just going to happen anyway? Why? Why him? Why did all this shit always happen to him?

His stomach was twisted in a bulging knot, and he felt his throat go short. Everything hurt, everything ached. He couldn’t breathe.

Desperately scanning for something, anything, he saw Jasmine again. He saw her bloodied face, her bleeding leg, her ruined body. He scarred her into his mind, forcing her in front of everything else just so that he wouldn’t have to think.

He was moving again. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but it was her fault.
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