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Rorick Skyve
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Alright, alright, this was getting fucking ridiculous, who did those two pissants think they were, poor man's versions of Jesse James or something? 'Nobody needs to get hurt', bla bla fucking bla. Fucking Oskar and his nice guy act, little hobbit was starting to get more creepy than anything. And Caedyn just---she was fucking Caedyn, so what'd she expect? Should have known better, should have known better from the start.

"You two can go eat each other's shit in hell."

Jane felt the rising urge to punch both their lights out, knock'em flat and leave them lying there; they could make out with each other when they woke up for all she cared. She looked from Oskar to Caedyn and back, her breathing becoming increasingly heavy. Fuck it, she was sweating too, just from how much this was pissing her off.

"You want my stuff? Fuck that noise." Still clutching her bag with one arm, she brought her other one up again to flip them the bird. She was actually straining her hand muscles so much that it hurt doing so, her knuckles shining white underneath her skin.

"I'm getting the hell outta here, should have left you two freaks to yourselves the second I met you!"
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