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Isabel sat, inquisitively taking in her surroundings in more detail as Asha spoke.

Isabel took note that Asha trailed off when she mentioned another person being here before Isabel arrived. She was blatantly hiding something... but why? Isabel couldn't think of any reason why Asha would need to hide something from her. What could possibly be so bad that she would feel the need to hide it? Isabel silently gritted her teeth. If Asha was willing to hide something from her, how long until she went from an amusing sidekick to a potential threat?

Isabel curled the fingers of her free hand briefly into a fist, trying to quell any anger that was rising up, before uncurling them. When the time came, Isabel would just drop Asha like any bad investment.

Hopefully from a very high place.

Isabel spoke, trying to remain active in the conversation and feign ignorance of her distrust. "Well, that Wayne guy sounds like a huge asshole for just abandoning you guys like that. I mean... who can you really trust in a situation like this?" Isabel cracked one of the knuckles on her free hand. "I mean I... uh..."

The realization struck Isabel that casually mentioning how she befriended Conrad and Clarice before brutally murdering Conrad probably wouldn't earn her any brownie points. Not only would it give them a reason to not trust her, but they would also get upset at the idea that she murdered someone, even if Isabel knew now that society was wrong for telling her she would feel bad about it afterwards. She thought it would be for the best to just leave her violence ambiguous for now. If the truth came out and became a problem, she could easily toss Asha and Dorothy aside like the broken toys they were. "I... uh... I got this blood all over me for a reason... you know?"

She continued, trying her best to draw attention away from her stammering. "Like... that's why I was asking about Dorothy. I don't really know her and can't really trust her, you know? But if you trust her... I guess I can roll with that."

Isabel remembered that Dorothy was actually listening now and not just asleep.

"Oh uh... no offense, by the way," Isabel said, her gaze trained on Dorothy. "Just... precaution."
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