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((Alessio Rigano continued from 4'33"))

Alessio moved around to stay awake. He felt cold and came across a familiar building. This time, people were shouting names out of it. Al recognised the voice.

But he had no clue who owned the familiar voice.

He should go away.

But if people were searching for a member of their group, they would be friendly, no? They have no gun, no? He felt tired, too tired to think clearly, rational, cold. His brain would have told him to go away, but his heart told him to seek other souls.

So Alessio approached the group. He smiled at the people there.

Blair, Rene, Noah. All nice people, except Blair. But Blair sometimes is nice as well. Alessio did not know how much she disliked him, but he did not care.

He continued to move forward.

The fur on the floor looked so comfortable. Cudly. It was sad that a tiger had to be killed for it, though. Al wouldn't sleep there.

Rene was a nice person as well. Funny. Al also did not know whether she liked him or not. She probably thought he was a loser or something.

Wasn't there a bed here as well?

Noah was awesome. Always a funny guy, pretty nice and charismatic. Al wished he was like that.

Alessio saw a bed in the room, when he went to open the door, ignoring the people around him.

Ah. Jackpot.

Noah would not murder him while he slept. Not sure about Rene or Blair, but Noah would not let either of them kill him. He was safe. He dropped his bag and staff.

So he put himself into the bed, closed his eyes and wanted to take a nap.
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