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Rorick Skyve
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At first, Jane thought she had heard him wrong, misunderstood what he was saying, something like that. Tried to wrap her head around the meaning of those few words. Wasn't that difficult. He had asked her to hand it over. To not make it difficult. That -

The fuck. The fucking hell, was that midget going insane? Seriously, this had to be a sick fucking joke, that guy wasn't really trying to rob her, was he? Jane instinctively frowned, clutching her bag tighter with one arm, pressing it against her side.
Her instincts told her to take a step back, but her mood was telling her to fuck that noise and take a step towards Oskar instead. So she did.

"Are you trying to pull my fucking leg? You're not being serious, right?"

She caught a glimpse of Caedyn somewhere behind Oskar and shot her a glance, trying to look as pissed off as possible. She didn't even really have to try.

"Did she set you up for this?" Jane raised the arm that was not holding the bag and pointed at the other girl in an accusing manner. "Did she tell you to try and mess with me a little or something? If so, fuck her and fuck you. Seriously, fuck you both."

She was mad, god fucking almighty, she was mad. What a bunch of malicious fucking clowns, trying to scare her at a fucking time like this. She really felt like just smacking them both over the head, but she had to keep herself together, she knew that. They wanted that, they fucking wanted her to flip. Goddamn assholes.

"Our fucking classmates are dying left and right, you just heard it! What the fuck is wrong with you two?"
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