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He wasn’t listening to her. He was moving closer. Every step he took forward was a step that she took back and he was getting too close.and there were no words that could come out of her mouth because she couldn’t think and she couldn’t phrase anything because what could she say? He hadn’t listened. He hadn’t considered. She hadn’t considered what he was thinking and she knew that she should have just left him when he asked. It was another mistake. She shouldn’t have done that and now she was going to pay for it. She couldn’t say anything now. There was nothing. Words formed in her head but they didn’t form further and anything that did was quickly struck down because she had made a mistake and it was adding up but it had added up and no no no why couldn’t she just think she was good at this she knew she was all she had to open her mouth-

But she couldn’t.

She couldn’t think of anything. Nothing would work. He wouldn’t listen and he would just keep moving forward but she was moving back and-

She stopped. There was something blocking her way. She turned her head. A chair. She moved her head back. There was a door. Behind Sandy. In front of her.

She just had to run. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t convince him. She just had to move. Escape, before he did anything.

But she couldn’t.

Her legs were stuck. She couldn’t move. She looked at the door. She had to get there. Run. Run through Sandy. Do something.

But there was a feeling. She didn’t know what it was. A feeling crawling at the edge of her skin and going up her arms.

A feeling which immediately faded away as the bottle hit its mark, glass and kerosene spraying across her face. She fell back, onto the chair.

The decaying wood failed to stand up to flesh and bone as it collapsed, the separated pieces scattering and forming new shapes within its pulp. The chair was gone. Jasmine went through.

And a scream of pain echoed throughout the Group Therapy Room, as a piece of shattered wood tore straight and true through her leg.
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