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Coleen reached out for the map and gave it a once over. Thanks to the clarity of the key and the labeling of the map, it didn't take long to identify the location of the gym as resting in the northwestern wing of the island. She followed along the inner coast of the horseshoe-shaped island to find the shore that she had been walking along just the other day. Just a little more south of that and they were gazing at the area designated as the supply depot. So that was the area they needed to avoid or... or else.

She swallowed, feeling the lump in her throat struggling against the warm band of metal. She lightly grasped at the steel ring, pursing her lips as she tried to control herself. She needed to stay focused on facts of the matter: they needed to avoid certain areas, and they needed to avoid certain people, dangerous people.

As if on cue, the doors were thrust open and a group of three people opened. The immediately-recognizable Bradley Floyd made no bones about making his presence known, which was of some small comfort to Coleen. If somebody was trying to sneak around that generally meant bad news for anybody else. She couldn't remember if Bradley was on the list...

All the same, Coleen remained within arms reach of the wall as, Arthur's map still in hand, the girl took a few steps away from the door. Bradley had called her something, 'Sandra Clegane'. She wasn't sure as to what the reference was, but this was Bradley - it was likely a joke in poor taste at something. She took a wild guess as to the easiest thing to tease about her and reflexively stroked her hair, making sure most or all of the left side of her face was hidden behind it. From the moment she touched it, the first thing on her mind was how much her hair needed brushing.

Coleen said nothing through Bradley's noisy introduction, instead focusing on controlling her breathing and trying not to show fear. She couldn't afford to trust anybody... not when she had only recently heard about classmates killing each other, doing what before she thought might have been impossible. The law of the land had been cast aside and remolded; they were now among killers. Maybe she couldn't remember Bradley's name on the announcements, or Byrony's or... whoever the third girl was, but there was nothing saying they didn't just have a late start.

Then, of course, a sixth person entered the gym, and Coleen's eyes, one visible and one not, widened.

Kimiko. There was a name she remembered, there was a name she had recently heard mentioned.

Oh god, no.
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