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Looking back gave Rene a good view of Blair emerging from the greenery, looking just a bit like absolute misery before dropping to the ground. Her first reaction to this was surprise at the fact that she wasn't the last one to reach the cabin. She had been pretty positive that Noah, Blair, and Sandra could all outrun her easily. Speaking of Sandra, that brought her to her second reaction, which was the realization that Blair was the only one who appeared. Sandra should have been right behind or, more likely, just ahead of them. Her absence was not part of the plan.

From the looks of it, Noah had come to a similar conclusion. Rene could tell from the way he had started shouting Sandra's name at the trees apparently completely forgetting that they had moved away from the bell tower because they wanted to avoid attention. She cringed a little bit watching him panic, and couldn't completely hide it before he turned to ask her if she knew what was happening.

She tried to scramble to recollect her memories, but between her lingering grogginess and the intense stress of the scenario, everything from the past few minutes sort of faded out aside from the part where she was running and trying not to die.

"Sorry, I got nothing" She answered truthfully with a bit of a shrug. "Everything just got crazy really fast."
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