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((Alba Reyes continued from The Gadfly Cometh))

Thing had generally been fine since they left the Docks. Bradley kept the conversation going by talking about random things, and Alba was happy to join in. Granted, she didn't entirely get all of Bradley's jokes, but she decided to go along with them. It was better than being alone and scared, so she hoped it would keep the three of them together longer and help them get through this experience relatively okay. She didn't know if Bryony was as receptive, but she hoped she was.

It was when the announcement began to play that Alba was confronted with the reality of the situation. People were dying, and Bradley had some poor taste. He made references to Hitler and bad software in the midst of hearing about their classmates dying, which only served to make Alba a bit uncomfortable. It also didn't help her made weird comments about the Mexican students and one girl killing herself. Alba tried to remain calm, but the situation was becoming insufferable, so she merely kept a smile on her face and tried to steer things back when Bryony called out Bradley.

They had just arrived at the gym, and as they walked in, Bradley called out to kids named Leonard Bernstein and Sandra Clegane. They must have also been seniors, since Alba didn't really recognize them. Bradley wanted to use her and Bryony to show he was there in peace, so she waved and smiled at the two.

"Hi..." she softly said.

Before she could say anything else, the door opened. Alba turned and saw a girl holding a spear. This was a senior Alba knew about. After all, it takes one person to mention someone is a mute to remember them as the one mute kid in school. Kimiko Kao. Who, according to Bradley, was as bad as Jason Voorhees and Helen Keller.

Alba brought a smile on her face and waved to Kimiko.

"Oh...hi!" she said. "H-how are you?"

She really wanted to believe Kimiko wasn't bad. Especially with that spear in her hand. Was that what she used to stab Cristobal Morales? Alba hoped not.
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