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((Kimiko Kao continued from Room of Relaxation))

After running out of the staff dormitory, Kimiko had take a moment to get her breath and wits back. A quick drink and a couple of slices of bread. Nothing much but enough to make sure her throat wasn't dry or her stomach empty. She sat in the long grass against the wall of the building, eating and thinking, contemplating what could have happened to Cristo among other things. Eventually, night closed in and Kimiko's vision darkened as she passed out.

Waking up was a scary moment. She knew where she was. That wasn't the problem. The problem was her passing out in what was practically the open. Luckily as she franctically looked around no one seemed to had found her. Splashing some water on her face to wake herself up, Kimiko made a promise to herself to stay alert and aware at all times.

The first of her problems she was facing was that she needed to move and none of the staff housing buildings were attractive locations to her anymore. Instead she moved towards what the map told her were the staff social areas. She knew there was a pub, library and gym there, one of those seemed like a good bet for a hideout spot.

As she was crossing the flat paved yard area to get there though there was a static buzzing as speakers she couldn't see came to life. Kimiko crouched low and quickly moved to cover. Keeping herself down Kimiko sat and listened. Even through the distortion of the speakers she recognized the voice of the man who had given them that speech after killing Mr. Graham. Kimiko's heart rate quickened as her body filled with a nervous dread. She was going to find out Cristo's fate.

Kimiko made note of the killers and their victims, paying more attention to who was being read out as a killer, then she heard her name and she already knew what the man was about to say.

Cristo was dead. She had killed him. Kimiko felt sick. The spear was in her hand and she turned her head to stare at it. She felt like the right thing to do would have been to throw it away, get rid of the thing that had caused her to kill someone she went to school with. But instead, her grip remained. She kept the spear and continued to listen, even though she felt sick and wanted it to end. More names, more killers and more victims. She tried to focus on them only for the sake of having a distraction but it was tough. The moment she had stabbed Cristo kept replaying over and over again in her mind. The feeling of the glass entering his body reared its head again.

The supply depot was a danger zone, Kimiko quickly pulled her map out and made a note of what that meant for her. As she did so however her name was read out again. She looked up, not that it made a difference. There was nothing for her to see, but she did so anyway, a reflex, from back when she was normal.

There was a prize? And she had won? A look back down at her map told her that the helipad was in the supply depot. That...that was a bonus at least. She would be safe there and could take stock of her situation. After that she didn't know.

She knew she shouldn't have gone to get her prize, she knew was so far off the right path that it was hidden by the trees and that turning back might have at least given her a chance at redeeming herself. Kimiko couldn't bring herself to do it though. She was scared of what would happen.

Packing her map away after deciding on her route Kimiko stood up and headed towards the gym. It seemed big enough for her to be able to hide out inside of without alerting any other occupants. Kimiko didn't want to hang around too long. She had no way of knowing when her invitation to collect her prize expired but at the same time she wanted to sit a think properly and get her bearings. Slowly and carefully she stood up and moved towards the gym.

Spear gripped tight in one hand Kimiko pushed the gym door open as quietly as she could. The sun of the new morning spilled inside, illuminating the figures of five people. One of which she recognized instantly.

Of all the people she had wanted to see, Bradley was the last person on the list.
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