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There was a tension in the room that Kimiko didn't see going away any time soon. Her refusal to put the spear down and Samuel picking the crossbow back up was seeing to that. He also didn't manage to provide any answers to her question. Instead he had taken the opportunity to grab the crossbow, it wasn't a very subtle way of getting it back into his hands either. Kimiko kept her eyes on the weapon, making sure it didn't drift in her direction. The last thing she wanted was to get shot with an arrow. No matter where it hit she would have been in trouble.

Slowing nodding in response to Samuel's response Kimiko waited to see if he was going to say anything else. Her main worry was that the potential safety of her location had quickly been shown to be nothing but an illusion. There were too many rooms and too many potential places for people to hide out. For all she knew there could have been five more of their classmates down the hallway in a different room, looking over their equipment and planning alliances. If anyone entered with a gun she would also be in trouble, the dormitories were made up entirely of long corridors and rooms with once entrance and exit.

The combination of those concerns plus the unease she was feeling in her current situation made the decision to leave to find somewhere else to hole up an easy one.

When it didn't look like any further conversation was coming from Samuel, Kimiko simply raised her hand in a half-hearted wave and backed around the corner and up the corridor, eyes trained on the doorway, making sure Samuel didn't emerge.

Once she felt she was safe Kimiko turned and ran to somewhere, anywhere else.

((Kimiko Kao continued in This Be The Verse))
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