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A gun? Just their luck, first person they meet and she could kill them both in an instant, Serena thought as she stepped away from Al while looking at the door. Sure she didn't sound like she was going to, but she wasn't going to get a chance, better safe than sorry.

Which made it more shocking when Al just walked out the room with his bag and weapon with nary a look or sound. Serena stood there staring at the door, she probably should have stopped him, but she was dumbfounded how Al who was so afraid earlier to the point of lying down and refusing to acknowledge anything would just walk out.

There was no sound of a gunshot and a thud, just the sound of Al's footsteps down the hall growing fainter and fainter. Serena grabbed her bag and ran out the room after him. The concern about the two girls out there was shunted to the side after Al left, he's going to get himself killed she thought as she ran down the hall where she hoped he'd gone.

"Al, wait!"

((Serena Waters continued in Thursday's Child))
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