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“Hey, hey…” Vanessa said, crouching down near Lizzie. “It’s cool, don’t cry.” If Vanessa was someone who touched people, she would’ve given Lizzie a comforting pat. Instead, there was just an awkward empty space as she tried to find the words.

Vanessa had been pretty lucky, as far as people she knew dying went. Her grandfather had died a few years back, though they’d never been all that close to begin with, and that was about it. Now she was on an island where people were dropping like flies, and she was face to face with someone who’d lost at least three in one night. Pretty awkward when not long ago she had been glad that no-one she knew had bit it.

So yeah, trying to make her feel better probably wasn’t going to be as simple as a ‘There, there’, but she was where she was.

Harold, Lettie and Tina. Shit, what had happened to them? Knowing that might’ve at least given her something to work with, she groaned silently. She’d have to make a note to pay more attention next time, or at least make an honest effort to remember to. If people and people's friends were dying, it wouldn't kill her to at least give them the dignity of not being glossed over.

She was taking too long; she had to say something.

“I’m really sorry.”

And that was all she could think to say.
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