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The words came out of her mouth, and Sandy’s expression turned from annoyance to anger.


She took a step back. Away from Sandy, near a chair, because no no no no no no no that was absolutely the worst thing she could have done. Everything had added up and it rose until it couldn’t be contained anymore and she made a mistake because of it and that pinged on her skin twisting and turning and beginning to add up once again. Why did she say that? She was trying to convince him. She was trying to get him to believe that being in a group was the best thing for him but he was being so stubborn and it added up and she lashed out. She made a mistake. Another thing to be added to the pile of Toby and Maxim and the girl in the dark room and the two people at the helicopter. No. There was no way she could say anything else now. There was no way that she could try and convince him.

She just had to get out. She just had to escape from this room and try again with another person and just do what she should have done earlier.

She took a step back. She looked at Sandy. He was advancing towards her and no no no no no no she had to say something. She had to apologise and get out of here before he did anything. She knew that there wasn’t a chance of them joining up now, but she knew that she could live from this. She knew that she could escape from here because she could just say something. Apologize. She knew what to say here, and she knew that she could convince him.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it I swear!”

The words were more frantic than she meant for them to be.
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