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Wade felt panic, then anger, then confusion, then.. nothing again. He wasn't going to be robbed or killed after all. When the other boy waltzed in and essentially seized the bag from him at gunpoint, violence became a visceral, real possibility to his mind. Will could easily have run off with the damned thing or shot him and there wasn't much Wade could have done; the other boy utterly outmatched him in every respect but perhaps mental acuity, and how much did that count for?

He'd probably never know Will's real intentions, one way or the other. The girl had come and, well, distracted him, maybe. But as soon as she arrived, it felt like he'd changed tack. He just gave Wade a few kind words before running off with her down the hall, leaving the bag on the floor. It occurred to him: should he leave or not?

Really attempting to take stock of the surroundings was impossible much beyond the almost suffocatingly cramped office itself. The door could be shot through easily if he made any meaningful noise, and the terrorists would almost certainly declare this entire manor a death zone if anyone lingered too long.

The rest of the island wasn't much better. After all, it was crawling with other students. They had an even chance of being just as bad or even worse as Will had acted toward Wade as they had of being friendly, unless perchance he met Hannah or some of the others, and even then Danya's words and the video still clung in his mind, cast a sickly shadow on his friends. As loath as he was to even acknowledge it was there.

But he wanted to leave, Wade realized. He didn't want to spend the next day or so, at least, just cooped up inside a messy room and waiting to be killed or forced out like a pest from the building. Uneasily, he took steps and picked up the bag. It was surprisingly light; he'd believed it would be painfully heavy maybe thanks to what was inside it, but he could handle and maneuver it with relative ease. Not much worse than his schoolbag.

Wade was at the doorway when he started to really analyze the surroundings again. The two had gone left. He didn't want to confront them again, so he turned right. It was a long hallway with an open metal gate transitioning to another room at the end.

Listening carefully to the sounds, Wade moved down the right side and down the right side until he reached the gate, and tread lightly into the adjoining room.

He tried his best to ignore everything else and just concentrate.

((Wade Cartwright continued elsewhere))
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