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Kimiko didn’t put the spear down, but at least it wasn’t pointing at him anymore. Samuel could live with that. But as a precaution, he rested his hand on the crossbow. If she was still holding her weapon, he would, too. She pointed down the hallway, and shot him a questioning look. It took Samuel a moment to realize what she was asking.

“...Oh, him? No idea who he was. He just came in, yelled at me, and then left,” He replied, shrugging. “Something about this thing.” he nonchalantly picked up the crossbow, waving it around. He made sure to keep it aimed at the ceiling.

He paused. Samuel wasn’t very sociable back at home, but he could at least keep a conversation going. But he’d never really talked to someone who couldn’t respond - or at least, in a way he could understand. It made things a little awkward, but it was even worse when they were supposed to be killing each other right now.

Samuel sighed and took a sip of his water bottle again. He didn’t know if he should leave or not.

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