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((Blair Moore continued from Why Y'all Gagging?))

Blair had struggled to keep up with the other two when they ran from potential detonation. Her lungs ached, and she gasped and wheezed, unable to get sufficient oxygen as quickly as she burned it. When she'd woken up, having slept like a log despite the day she'd had, she'd realized something quite dreadful; she was getting sick.

Still, she'd realized Sandra was gone as soon as they'd left. Blair was distracted by the whole 'you might explode' thing, but Sandra was an athletic person, and Blair doubted that anyone but Blair would have been bringing up the rear. Was that good? Maybe. Sandra had started to grate on Blair a bit, but if she was in danger, that would still suck.

Falling to her knees in exhaustion, Blair gave a weak salute as she arrived at what looked like a weird cabin of some kind. There were like, stuffed heads and shit. Blair glanced at the other two, her suspicions confirmed.

"Sandra's...not...here...." She managed.
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