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The door was beginning to open, the ties starting to stretch and break. Someone was definitely trying to get in, and Alice didn't know what to do. Had she trapped herself? The other door was tied, too, and Alice was terrible at undoing knots.

Trying to keep from hyperventilating, Alice attempted to rationalize the situation as the person pushed in. Were they going to hurt her? No way to tell, but if their intentions were good, why use force to enter? Alice was in danger, she was sure of that. She looked around feverishly, stepping away from the door in the process.

There were no flower vases, no urns, nothing she could use to protect herself with. Her bag was too heavy to throw with enough force, and her bunting was wasted now. Wait, the stained glass! Perhaps she could-

The floor gave way. The worn, partly-rotten wooden beam snapped under the sudden weight of Alice's slight frame. She stumbled, fell back and slammed the back of her head against the floor as she landed.

Dazed, Alice tried to sit up and nearly vomited as the room spun. She laid back, spread-eagle, and squeezed her eyes shut, whimpering.
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