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“I think so. Not sure what the point would be of doing it after he died.”

"No?" Alex asked, turning to face Jeremy fully once again, pretending that the thick and awful stench of the shredded body didn't make his stomach curdle, pretending he was the creature of iron confidence that Sabrina Luz had believed in. "I should think it was obvious. It's the same motive she'd have if she'd tortured him. It's control." This was bullshit, wasn't it? But it sounded like compelling bullshit. It sounded like the kind of bullshit that meant he didn't have to slice this man down where he was standing.

Any difference between him and Rea?

Rea's already dead.

"If he's alive, she wants control by inflicting pain. By turning him into more than a victim. If he's dead, then she robs him of any dignity. Either way, she comes out the superior. A desperate need for that superiority." He pursed his lips. "Sounds dangerous, no?"

“Burn bright, burn fast,” Jeremy said, taking one or two steps closer. “They might have all the screentime now, but it’d be odd if they lasted much longer than that."

Alex almost took a step back, but caught himself in time, turning it into an appraising stare, leaning back to survey the man in front of him. To step back would make him look frightened, caught off-guard. If he was going to show his fear, it would only be when the show was over. He did not intend to burn fast. But still, Jeremy's words struck oddly close to home. Thoughts of screentime, and performance.

“So,” Jeremy said, as he leaned his left shoulder on the wall. “I’m assuming that someone is you?”

"It could be," Alex mused, turning the machete each way, examining the edge of the blade. He saw the faintest trace of red where it had sliced into Rea. Imagined spilling Jeremy's blood the same way. "I do intend to win this game." And if that's your line, Alex, why aren't you killing Jeremy now. "But it aggravates me that they want me to win on their terms." He turned glaring eyes to the camera in the corner of the room. "They create the game, but refuse to play it. When I win, I intend to test their fitness." He remained like that, glaring at the camera, Jeremy still visible from the corner of his eye.

A mad idea popped into his head. An idea that brought to life every one of the fears he'd had when talking to Tara and Lizzie. An idea borne of the same tree that had slet him cut down Rea.

"But I don't see any reason why we can't be civil about it," Alex said, turning back to Jeremy. "I intend to be the fittest. Here, that is defined by the last person able to survive. If you think you can fill that role, you're welcome to join me. We can cut each other down when there's no one else left."
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