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(Kaitlyn Greene continued from Until All Our Yesterdays Are Lighted Fools...)

She waited and stared down at the buildings south of her and Alan. Hopefully they'd gotten here in time. And hopefully they'd picked the right spot. If their tar get want the other way they were fucked.

And Kaitlyn really hoped that didn't happen because this was the greatest fucking idea in history and it'd be a real shame if it went down the crapper for reasons beyond their control. And because the two of them had damn near sprinted down here from the northeast shore where they'd spent the night once they'd heard the announcement so it'd be, like, a double shame to have wasted all that energy.

It was tough to tell with all the rocks and slopes and various trees and foliage around, but she was also pretty sure they were the only ones around right now. Which was both amazing and kinda sad, because didn't that really show what kind of different scale she (and Alan, sure) had to be on here?

Kaitlyn sat down on a rock and tipped the shield behind her, letting it slowly topple over onto the grass. She grunted in relief.

"Eh, no sign of her yet. We've got some time, it's still early."

She hoped.

"Guess we should figure out how we'll do this, find a spot or something."

Yeah. And while they'd wait, Kaitlyn would sit back and think about the night she'd just had and all that time she'd spent awake and staring at the stars. It would be wrong and pretty fucked up to call it a great night or anything. She knew that. She totally got that.

Maybe she'd just call it a live night. That worked. That sounded pretty damn accurate.
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