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Rorick Skyve
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((Jane Madison continued from God Help the Outcasts))

Jane was sitting on the ground, her water bottle still held firmly in her grasp. She had just been about to take a sip when that announcement had been made. Oh, how the three of them had discussed what to do, spent half the last fucking day with dilly-dally. All just to determine they'd stay and camp out right where they were. Not that Jane had really wanted to, but between the choice of staying with people - no matter how shitty they were - and wandering off alone on her own, she had chosen the former.

So they had stayed there, set up camp, waited an entire day. And now people were dead.

That goddamn announcement, it had messed with her fucking head. She had completely forgotten she was thirsty, just sat there, bottle in hand, staring off at absolutely fucking nothing. Not that she had had much hope before. She wasn't some sort of pollyanna, some incurable optimist thinking things were gonna get back in order on their own. No, she knew she was beyond fucked.

Still, being almost sure and now having absolutely fucking certainty were two different things and she'd have been happy staying with the former. Couldn't do that anymore. Fuck, if she'd have gone and wandered off, maybe her goddamn name would be on that announcement right now? Had her head cut off by some chainsaw-wielding nutjob; over the top, but memorable at least. That was usually the first kill in a shitty slasher horror movie.

For fuck's sake, what was she even thinking right now? She had got get a grip, stop daydreaming and actually start doing something. What that was, she didn't know yet. But it had to happen.

Jane set her bottle on the ground, inhaling deeply, then exhaling. She did this a few more times, before deciding to lift herself up and off the ground. As she did, she turned her gaze to the other two. Really about fucking time they all actually started cooperating.

"So hey, guys? What do we do now?" Took her a second to notice, but she was shaking a bit. Goddamn, she was not okay.

"I mean, we gotta get moving eventually."
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