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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Caedyn Miller continued from God Help The Outcasts))

People were already killing. It really wasn't that hard to get them going, was it? Like, she'd always heard the little bits of rumors, stuff came up online all the time, but she never believed it. Here they were though. Their first morning, and some of her classmates had ran eagerly into murder without a second thought from the sound of it.

This was gonna be easy. Way, way too easy. That little, innocent gesture Oskar gave her reminded her of that. If she was reading the whole thing wrong, it'd just wind up being a waste of time, but if she wasn't...if she wasn't, Jane wasn't going to be a problem for much longer.

How would he read affirmation? Approval? Was he just gonna rob her? Was he gonna beat her up? Was he gonna kill her? There was no way of knowing. She never would have expected this out of him in the first place, and they weren't all that close. He was going to do something, though. All she needed was to tip him over the edge.

Caedyn looked to him as the echoes of the announcement died out, then gave a nod and a small tip of her head towards Jane. It was time.
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