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Can you hear me?
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((Junko Kurosawa continued from Slow Motion Rocky Punches))

Junko stopped jogging. Stopped humming. She just stood there, her shoes sinking into the wet sand. It wasn’t long before some new challengers had shown up. From some feet away, she saw the smoke rising into the sky like a beacon from what appeared to be some kind of bonfire. That’s what she thought it was, based off the orange light on the ground.

Should she approach that, or just bolt for it?

Junko thought for a second, then slid the bat out of the bag. It felt a little better on her shoulders, anyways. The extra food and water, plus the hammer, made things a little heavier. She still had no idea what to do with the hammer, but she didn’t throw it out. She liked the bat better, though. It seemed more comfortable in her hands. So she took a few steps forward.

As she did, she heard a few sobbing noises. She turned her head, and just barely noticed what seemed to be the shape of a person lying in a dinghy. Well, that cleared things up, didn’t it? Fires on the beach, and someone crying inside a boat. She couldn’t tell who anyone was, either, which made things even more weird. Also, who starts a campfire in the morning, anyways?

Junko placed herself in between the dinghy and the fire. She slung the bat over her shoulder casually. She tried to think of a witty one-liner, maybe some kind of boat or fire pun, but she couldn’t think of anything. So she thought of the next best thing. She cleared her throat, looked back and forth at the person in the boat, then back at the person standing near the bonfire. Then:

“Good morning!”

Her voice was friendly. However, the muscles in her limbs were tight.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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