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Of course Coleen had heard it. She had the beginnings of a response cooking on her tongue when the loudspeakers cut back in.

She imagined it would have been cute to mush up some of the bread and jam it into her ears to form some sort of earplugs with them. The thought then occurred about how hard it might be to get all of the bread back out, and the thought swiftly became less entertaining. As the voice droned on with its introduction, Coleen pushed herself all the way up to her feet, her eyes locking in on Arthur. The guy had come over a little bit closer to her and while it wasn't like she was certain he was going to turn on her at any moment, leaving enough room between them for Jesus was the preferable route at every juncture for the time being.

Then he began naming names.

Jennifer. Tina. Scarlett. They went on and on and on, some of which she didn't quite recognize but most of them, she did. How and where they did was largely lost, fuzzy in her memory compared to those who had met their end. With one exception, she remembered nobody else.

Coleen swallowed hard and continued listening.

"The supply depot..." she murmured in repetition after the voice said that. The owner of the voice gave his little outro. He was a good public speaker, very professional - she was willing to give him that much, even pay him a little bit of envy that she'd never care to claim publicly. "Arthur, does your pack have a map?"

Coleen said anything to keep everything all business, trying and failing not to picture every dead classmate in her mind.
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