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Kiziah did not know why she had apologised. Had to stop herself from apologising for the apology. That was an unhelpful instinct.

And what had she done? Received a shotgun in the rolls. It was a stupid thing to apologise for, really. The luck of the draw, that's what it was. Outside forces, nothing she could be morally culpable for. And better the shotguns owned by those who were relatively peaceful and amicable than those students who would resort to violence - not that Kizi could imagine any of her classmates doing so.

"If one of you guys want the gun, that may be smart." She dropped the idea into the discussion before she could ponder the implications and risks of such a move. Probably deliberate, on an unconscious level. She would be useless with it. And not being useless with it? Actually having to use it? That was a burden that, perhaps selfishly, Kizi did not want to face.

"I think supply depot." She added her input to the conversation about directions with surprising certainty, a rather curt lack of ambivalence or equivocal hesitation. "The crematorium...well, would be a bit grim."
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