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The wounded girl saw Leslie, pointed her out, then ran. The boy and Korean Bitch saw, then they ran too after a few moments.

So much for interaction. Leslie was barely halfway toward them from the crest; the terrain was insanely treacherous. She had no chance of catching up at her careful pace. She was athletic enough to be able to practically leap and bound through here. But that would court a fall. Maybe a lethal one. But the question still lingered in her mind: where to go?

This state of near-numbness felt paralyzing to her. Why head anywhere in particular? The odds of students being in any place were about equal at this early stage of the game, so everywhere had about the same level of risk. The group that she'd just startled into fleeing probably wouldn't take so kindly to her presence. Especially not the Korean Bitch.

All of that meant it came down to which part of the island looked best from here. The asylum itself, as well as everything on the... East side of the island, judging by the map, required her to either cross the very precarious-looking suspension bridge connecting it to the Western compound, or move through the port complex to the South and up through the chapel.

In the end, Leslie didn't reach her decision to go to the Eastern bridge completely rationally. The southern port seemed foreboding somehow. Like it would be a mistake to enter the place. She couldn't help but feel as though it was trouble. Visually, the staff buildings due north didn't look much better. But words like 'bar' and 'gym' and 'dormitory' made them seem more inviting mentally. Maybe the terrorists had even felt merciful this time and left some utilities and amenities in place on this island.

And beside, she just didn't want to stay put; the terrorists would almost certainly declare the area a permanent dangerzone eventually, and she didn't want to just spend the following days just meandering aimlessly around on these slopes exposed to the elements. So she committed to walking.

And she walked.

((Leslie Price continued elsewhere!))
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