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Can you hear me?
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Oh, that seemed smarter.

Amanda told them to stay there while she went after Lucilly. It was clear that Emma was still in no shape to run after a spooked Lucilly. Amanda was more fit, more able. So, she nodded and went back, her heart still pounding and her hand still keeping her balanced against the wall. Somewhere she heard Lucilly cry out an apology in the distance. Hopefully that meant that they were coming soon.

Emma placed- no, slammed, even if she didn’t intend it- the bag onto the ground. Her heart was pounding faster. She knelt down on her hands and knees. Amanda was more fit, but Emma knew first aid. So did Jaime. It made sense for them to stick around in case someone was still here. There was the possibility that the blood’s owner was still around. Still alive. She unzipped, and took out the tin kit in a swift manner.

But what if the person who did that to them was still here?

She pushed it aside.

Jaime asked a question. It was a bit of an odd one, and a bit… poorly phrased? It was blunt, at least.

“Ah… I have a sister. You know Sabrina, right? She was on the trip. Some of my cousins might have, too.”

Thinking about it a bit more, Emma knew lots of people. People from the student council, people from band and orchestra. Tutors, study buddies, you name it. For a moment, she imagined the possibility of the blood having belonged to any of them. Their last moments could have been in pain, or they could be pulling themselves into hiding, the blood trailing behind them. She frowned. She didn’t like thinking about it.

“Maybe some people from band or student council,” she added.

The more she thought of it, the more that she thought of that one possibility that the blood was theirs. She shifted nervously. Emma didn’t want to, but her head turned towards the direction Lucilly had been standing. The blood still shone in the dim light. It was a lot. If someone didn’t do anything soon, if the person was still alive… she didn’t like thinking about it.

She wasn’t sure if it was an appropriate time to talk about this, but she had to ask.

“What about you?”

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