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It wasn't long before Nancy heard the set of footsteps. One. Singular. Solitary. There was a lone person coming this way. Either that, or someone was carrying someone else on their back.

Nancy doubted it.

As the footsteps approached, Nancy held her breath. She looked down at the axe, which was still caked in Scarlett's blood. Even though she had prepared herself to enact this plan, she had to make sure... had to make sure she could handle it. If she went through with it and then realized that she couldn't stomach it, then how would she...

The door to the room opened. Nancy steeled herself. In a few seconds, she would find out if it was true what they said about the first kill being the hardest.

Nancy waited for the door to fully close before jumping out from behind the tub. She took a second to connect a name to the face. Sabrina Luz. She vaguely recognized her from when she passed her in the halls back at school.

Then, she swung.
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