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"You can have some of mine," Arthur offered habitually, before realizing what he was saying. At home, Marie would ask him to share food all the time. Even if there wasn't anything in particular about Coleen that reminded Arthur of his little sister, he felt the same level of care towards her. "I mean, if you want," He added. Arthur knew that offering something and then immediately taking it back would look suspect, and either way, he didn't think he'd run out of food anytime soon. The assembled rations in the bag seemed enough for him.

Then, Coleen asked him about the time. "No clue what time it is," Arthur said, shrugging, "But if I had to guess, I'd say early morning." He hoped he wasn't just restating the obvious, but given the situation, it was all the information he had. Silently, he wished to himself that he carried a watch on him. If he could find one later, then he'd take it, even if it was off of someone's co-


Suddenly, the walls of the gym began to crackle, sending Arthur's eyes darting around the room frantically. He grabbed his bag off of the floor, unsure of what the new sound could mean, and walked over to the side of the room that Coleen was on. He felt, strangely, drawn to her, almost as if to protect her.

He had felt a similar pull to Jasper and Henry, but, obviously, one pull won out over the other.

"You heard that, right?" Arthur asked, as the static sound continued on.

Then, the static gave way to a momentary silence. Dust froze in mid air, and all seemed right again with the world.

Arthur sighed deeply, but all too early, as he was soon interrupted by a voice that made him wish he had the static back to ring in his ears.

"Good morning ladies, gentlemen and those of unspecified gender."

"Oh, fuck off," Arthur muttered, listening silently to the announcement.
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