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((Jasper Bustamante continued from Self Doubts and Hurricanes))

He’d lost Henry.

Jasper had followed him down the shore, back to the docks and the warehouse, but he was nowhere in sight. He figured that Henry had moved on, and Jasper continued north, towards northern tip of the island.

The trip was exhausting. Jasper had his own bag strapped to his back, while he hugged Henry’s to his chest. He couldn’t really use it for anything else. The supplies inside were too precious to be dumped, but he also couldn’t bring himself to use any of Henry’s supplies. He’d resigned to hanging onto it, hoping that he’d be able to return them soon.

Jasper had stopped to rest in the cove, plopping down on the sand and watching the sun set over the ocean. The sight put him at ease, but he knew that he’d have to find a place to sleep for the night. He couldn’t leave the cove: partially because he didn’t want to haul the bags out, but mostly because he didn’t want to be out and about in the dark.

He ended up making was in one of the dinghies - he wouldn’t dare sleep out in the open beach, and the cave didn’t seem comfortable. Jasper had always had trouble falling asleep, but doing so while curled up in a boat was much harder. After a couple hours of fitful rest he was awoken by crackling speakers and a voice that brought back terrible, terrible memories.

The voice told him that his friends had died. People like Abby and Barry and Cristo, people he knew, were all dead. Killed by people like Alvaro and Nancy and Kimiko - nice people, people he'd seen only a few days before in class.

But now they had blood on their hands.

Jasper felt his eyes watering up, but this time Henry wasn’t around to cheer him up. Nobody was. He regretted chasing after Henry, like a sheep straying from its herd. He'd still feel guilty if he'd stayed with Coleen and Arthur, but at least he'd be with someone. But now they were probably together somewhere, and he was alone.

Jasper laid still after the announcement ended, staring up at the sky and tearing up. He covered his eyes with one arm and started weeping.

He really needed someone right now.

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