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They would've probably been useless anyways. Yeah, that's the line he was going to go with. Whose line was it anyways?

Except he shouldn't be thinking in terms of utility, because that concept was total bullshit for his goals. Goals. Fucking goals. What were Alan's goals again?


It was time for a paradigm shift. Sounds fancy. It means he's shifting his paradigm, is all. But, like, maybe not that much. Means, not ends. You know.

He shivered a little. He was gonna have an actual plan. May God have mercy on his soul. Well, Eris.

You throw a golden apple in their midst and laugh as it fucks everything up, but you gotta remember you're doing this as a force of good. And that means you can't fuck up, even when you're doing a stupidly hammy evil laugh. Especially when you're doing the stupidly hammy evil laugh. It's meaningful chaos. Chaos with a purpose. Maybe that made it impure, but he could live with that.

The answer to Kaitlyn's question was no. He said it out loud.


It was a little no. He liked that. Liked that effect, the way it hung in the air a little.

"Cuz it's about time I get my shit together and stop dicking around with this."

Now to come up with an actual plan. Well. That was the hard part, wasn't it? And it looks like Kaitlyn's headed out now, so uhh let's just keep being a totally useless leader, shall we?

He wasn't really the leader, of course. Way to take the pressure off, buddy.

((Alan Banks continued elsewhere))
dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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