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Penelope stood in the doorway, flashlight scanning the room, waiting for a response to come out of the void of darkness.

But nobody came.

Penelope inched her way into the cluttered room, flashlight beam going from box to box, Penelope's eyes taking in the instruments and devices contained within each, slowly realizing the sheer scale of the horrifying things that had occurred in this place. She slowed her movements, carefully moving between the boxes, looking at each and every one before stopping in her tracks. "Man... this place is horrible."

Penelope bit at the nails of her free hand. This room was giving her the creeps. Not only was it dark and empty, but it was also an operating room for one of the darkest times in medical history. The sheer suffering that had occurred in this place was unimaginable to her. Penelope took careful steps towards the operating table, the centerpiece of the room, only to freeze in her tracks and stand completely upright as she heard a clatter come out from underneath the table.

Slowly turning her head towards the table that the sound came out from underneath, Penelope didn't know what was more unsettling; the thought that she was alone in a dark and scary room, or that she wasn't alone in a dark and scary room. Penelope's instincts screamed for her to bolt out of the room, to crash through all of the boxes and spill their contents on the floor, to just get out of the room as quickly as possible, but instead, Penelope leaned down to lift the cloth obscuring the underside of the table.

Slowly, her hand moved towards the corner of the sheet, before getting a hold of it and lifting it up abruptly, while shining her flashlight into the dark bowels underneath, leaning her head down all the while to get a look at the hidden boogeyman.

Penelope wasn't expecting to see the face that she saw.

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