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Dorothy enjoyed her dream while it lasted. The details weren't really clear but she remembered a mermaid making friends with a whale and trying to get the latter to sing a song. However, the song was soon twisted into words, spoken loudly, almost screaming. The mermaid politely applauded the singer, and then the curtain fell.

Dorothy mechanically opened her eyes. She wasn't totally awake, but with the movie finished and the lights coming back on, she decided to leave the theater.

She rubbed her eyes with her hands, painfully wiping the fog out of her mind. She remembered quickly where she was, tried to leave the dreamy state she was in, but she was dragged by her ankles to the bottom of abyss.

She clenched her teeth together, and, despite already seeing Asha for at least a couple of seconds, she started to truly analyze the situation.

She was talking to someone else. Not Wayne, because it was a feminine voice that answered her. A very odd, scary, doll-like voice. It was forced, it appeared inhuman in her mind. She sounded like a distorted version of a doll, but that was surely due to the fatigued mind of Dot. Somebody couldn't sound like that normally.

She looked toward the creature Asha was talking to, and it made sense.

The boogeyman was Isabel, Dorothy understood what she saw. She looked like Nancy but bloodier, scarier. At least Nancy looked scared, Isabel looked proud, confident, and even happy.

She looked to Asha then to Isabel, then again to Asha. She looked for Wayne, but he wasn't there.

"Where's Wayne? And hi, uh, you. Isabel or something?"
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