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((Coleen Reagan, continued from Self Doubts and Hurricanes))

Her eyes felt cracked and dried when she opened them.

Before the veil of night took the last few ounces of visibility in the already-dim gym from them, Coleen and Arthur had done the best they could to make themselves comfortable. The culmination of Coleen's efforts was, even to her own admission, not very good; she had found a nice corner of the floor that she could press her back into. After a while, sleeping while sitting up had grown highly uncomfortable, and she shifted this way and that until she decided on a position that had her head against one wall, her feet to another, and her butt in the corner with her hunched and curled at nearly a 90-degree angle. She had stuffed the daypack under her head, trying to find some sort of softness with which to treat as a pillow until the morning.

Needless to say, the night hadn't been a comfortable one. Coleen could recall waking up at several points of the night at the slightest creaking or scratching noise. Whether it was a rat running across the floor, somebody coming in to raid the place or murder them both, or just Arthur scratching his ass in his sleep, she was never able to tell. Each time she lowered her head back to her makeshift sleeping arrangement, she closed her eyes only to be greeted with pale-color dreams of wandering around the woods, lost. Something was following her in those dreams but she never felt in immediate danger or truly panicked. The danger kept itself far enough away that she was merely and perpetually in a state of anxiety.

That weight on her chest had hardly lifted when she forced her eyes open, shielding them with the side of her hand as the sun managed a trick shot through those high, dusty windows and aimed a sunbeam at her face.

Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun. It was dark to think, but Coleen counted herself lucky for getting to see a second one of those. She peeked under her hand to see Arthur close-by, eating some bread. He looked to her almost as soon as she had awoken. "Yeah... morning," she replied, knowing there were probably massive bags under her eyes. Coleen yanked herself up the rest of the way into a seated position and opened her bag, fetching the Drake and Josh DVD on one side. She didn't even like this show, so whatever sick joke this was supposed to represent in her receiving it was totally lost on her. However, opening the case and holding the DVD up to the back of her face served as a pretty good mirror.

True to form, her eyes definitely seemed to have bags under them. Her cheeks were puffy and the left side of her face was - imagine that - just as scarred as it always had been. She touched the tip of a single finger to her cheekbone. The skin felt dry and irritated... only made sense thanks to the salty ocean air, the wind, and the fact she wasn't able to properly moisturize. Try as she might to look through her bag, she couldn't find the cream anywhere, and considered if she had even remembered to take it on this trip. It was just supposed to be a science trip, after all. She packed an extra blouse in case her first one got dirty, an extra pair of socks thanks to advice she got from Forrest Gump, but no other clothes. No cream, either. They weren't supposed to be away from home any longer than that evening.

God, how she just wanted to be back in her own bed without some guy eating bread all awkwardly, without that damn collar reminding her she was in some sick Running Man game.

Her stomach growled, and Coleen had the thought to look through her bag for her own loaf of bread.

She found it.

She also found just what soft object she had been using for a pillow last night.

"... Oh."
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