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That was it.

Her fists clenched. She didnít care about the pain that the knuckles caused on them. She didnít care that her nails were digging into her hands. All she cared about was that Sandy was just refusing to listen to what fucking reason was, and was refusing to help her get him to actually find out. He was just going on this long and retarded tirade on how being alone was the greatest and how people were just so annoying by asking him to do what the sensible thing to do in this situation was. And you know what the worst part was? There was probably a space in Sandyís mind calling her a hypocrite for what she was doing right now. Saying that she totally wanted to help but was deliberately doing the worst thing for him, despite the fact that someone who thought they were being so smart for thinking that being alone was the best way to go was not seeing what the best idea to do if they just wanted to continue fucking living was.


She stepped forward, towards Sandy. Looked at him in the eyes.

ďI donít care if something happened to you thatís making you act all so sad and lonely and depressed right now, Iím just saying things how I know they are. Thereís actual safety in numbers at this point, and Iíve been trying to find those numbers for so long only for some idiot or some asshole or some ridiculous circumstance to take it away from me.Ē

She stopped. Took a breath.

ďAnd believe me, Iíve been trying to make you think otherwise, but clearly somethingís happened to you thatís put you so far up your own ass that you canít think of anything that actually benefits your own survival.Ē

She knew that Sandy wasnít going to side with her now.

She didnít care.

ďItís clear that nothing Iím going to sayís convincing you, so if you want to end up just like your parents Iím going to take my leave now.Ē
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