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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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“I think so. Not sure what the point would be of doing it after he died.”

Kind of a hilarious thought, though. ‘Hey fuck you corpse I really hate your guts I’m just going to use whatever this weapon is to just tear you apart and stuff.’ Okay, not that hilarious phrased like that and probably kinda tasteless especially since it was an actual corpse of someone he knew right in front of him, but you got what he meant, right? Besides, the main goal was to have fun here. Apparently more important than finding the people that were likely going to die alongside him within the next few days before someone like Isabel did. Anyway, the main goal was to have fun, and holding himself back based on what others could think or based on what could happen was something that Jeremy highly doubted could give him what he wanted. It’d be the equivalent here of working in an office all your life. Wouldn’t give him that fulfillment, and it’d give him those regrets he didn’t really want.

Case in point, Alex standing right in front of him, same as Conrad. If he avoided the situation based on the thought that he might have been attacked, he would have missed out on this conversation he was very much enjoying right now. He hadn’t gotten any sort of motivation yet, but hey, this was pretty fun in itself. Just so long as that machete didn’t turn on him, he could temporarily forget just where he was.

“Burn bright, burn fast,” he said, taking one or two steps closer. “They might have all the screentime now, but it’d be odd if they lasted much longer than that." He knew a couple examples of that. They were normally gone by episode… four? Four seemed to be a common number. Regardless of whether he was correct or not, they didn’t tend to last long.

He smiled, as Alex turned back around to the corpse. He came here looking for fun, and he was getting it right now. Maybe he didn’t get a motivation, but he was definitely getting perspective. Personality. This guy had one, part of which seemed to be a bit of a showman. Jeremy was down with that. If Alex wanted to entertain him, even if Jeremy was wrong and that wasn’t quite his attention, then entertained Jeremy shall be.

It was a better prospect than being worried about the future at hand, at the very least. Alex had said something as he looked down on his sword. Vaguely threatening. Vaguely disturbing. Gave Jeremy the vague idea that maybe this wasn’t the best idea he had for his long term survival.

He snorted, slightly. That didn’t matter. What did was what was happening in front of him. If worst came to worst, he had the gun in his pocket. Right now, it hadn’t gone to worst, so he supposed he’d keep responding.

Get him to elaborate on a little something, as well.

“So,” he said, as he leaned his left shoulder on the wall, “I’m assuming that someone is you?”
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