"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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Irene heard her. That was good. It meant that it probably wasnít anything too serious like a sudden health problem, or something. Irene started bounding towards her, running in that odd way like she always did. She smiled. There didnít seem to be a problem. It didnít seem that it was really an issue after all. Again, that was good. They could just talk to each other or throw rocks into the river before going home. Then they could order something for dinner as her parents were away and they could watch movies or do something else before they both went to sleep. It was perfectly planned. Sheíd tell Irene about it when she got to where Jasmine was standing. She was getting closer, just one or two more steps and then-

Wait. Too close. Irene was right in her face. She stepped back to give and-

Irene stepped forward again. Too close. She stepped back and then-

They were looking each other in the eyes. They were brown. Black pupils. She didnít know what Irene was doing. She wasnít sure what was happening.

And then Irene confessed her love for her.

Jasmineís hand was still on the railing. It tightened. She didnít know what was happening. Irene liked her. That wasnít something she knew. She had spent the entire afternoon on a couch with her touching her and smiling at her and hugging her and being her friend and she had a crush on Cris and possibly Mary that was what was in her book and that was what was in her head and nothing suggested that Irene liked her and she had given her everything she had done today and at school and she was her friend and she lied to her face and-

She remembered. Back to the first day of middle school. They were placed together by the English teacher. The bell rang. Jasmine went to be alone, Irene followed, and they talked. It happened again the next day. Her first friend. Her best friend.

Did Irene have a crush on her then? Was that why they became friends in the first place? Jasmine didnít know. She didnít know what the answer was and she was scared and-

Irene got closer. Another step forward. Right in her face. She was too close. Jasmine took a step back and no no no no she was too close again. She stepped back and-

They were looking each other in the eyes again. They were brown. Black pupils. They were the eyes of a friend.

They were the eyes of someone that betrayed her.

Irene took another step forward. They were touching. They were touching and they were too close and she had surprised her and she had betrayed her and they were too close and-

ďGet away from me.Ē

Her hands went out, into Irene's chest.
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past