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The sense in her body and the urge to reel back could be felt through Jasmine.

But she didnít. She stayed still. She stood where she was and didnít budge as Sandy just rebuked her question like that. Because okay, that didnít seem to work. It clearly wasnít something that happened to him, so maybe it was something else that was making him so goddamm pissy. But if it wasnít because of that, then what could it be? She didnít think it could be because of the situation, she was angry too, and that didnít last. It probably wasnít because someone died, because that was something that happened and apparently nothing had happened to him. So why was he so annoyed. What could she do to get him to calm down? She didnít know, and just like everything else in the pile of the things that she wasnít sure about, it annoyed her. And it was adding up.

Oh, also, you know what wasnít helping at all? Sandyís attitude. Oh hey, guys, Iím so angry and just so pissy at this person I barely know. Surely since sheís just such a bitch from what Iíve heard that makes it okay for me to do so, right?

No. No it didnít. Sandy was just being an idiot. Sandy was just having a hissy fit or something. As much as Jasmine wanted to fulfill his wish, she needed him. She needed a group and there was no-one else in the area, so it seemed that he was the best person that she could get.

She almost sighed.

She supposed that she just had to pretend she cared.

ďThen whatís the issue? Iíd be glad to help if there is one.Ē
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