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Isabel blinked, trying to process what had just happened as Asha jumped up from her seat, taser at the ready, only to immediately drop it and ask how long Isabel had been sitting there.

Then, after a moment of awkward silence, Isabel began to open her mouth, only to close it as Asha suddenly commented on her sword.

"..." Isabel stared at Asha for a for more seconds, silent.

"...Pffffff, hahahaha! Man... Asha, you really know how to make me laugh, even in times like these." Isabel wiped her mouth, residual chuckles escaping her lips. "I mean I'm covered in blood and you... man... good to see you haven't lost your head," Isabel said, with a wink and a smile.

Isabel leaned back further into the couch, getting more comfortable where she sat in spite of the halberd shaft pressing into her back. "Annnnnyway... I've been here for a couple of minutes, actually. Wasn't quite sure when you guys were actually going to wake up, but I figured I wouldn't disturb you," Isabel said, shrugging, arms out, a smirk plastered on her face.

"So..." Isabel began again. "Besides the whole 'death game' and 'trying to taze me' things... how've you been? That's what people seem to say, no matter the situation, yeah?" Isabel chuckled, again. "I mean... people can be in the middle of a fucking war and ask each other how they've been. It's so... ridiculous. You know?" Isabel sighed, contently. "Seriously though, how you doing? Holding up well?"

Isabel glanced over towards Dorothy, eyes narrowing. "...And what about her?"
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