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keep running yoshi
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arm which was being pried off by the railing and her birthday present for her sister's birthday and her sister's birthday and her

youthful innocence, blossoming away like the thick rose on her cheeks. Irene could see possibilities, probabilities in numbers. It hurt, but she slowly wrenched herself back into position. Her neck twisted licorice. She was looking at Jasmine. Jasmine's smile. It was getting closer, bigger, the thick of her lips because Irene was getting closer step by step and okay she didn't want to get to close because she wanted to be appropriate and stuff. Appropriate. What was appropriate? Small talk? Sob story? Irrelevant tangent? It was all too fast, Irene barely had a second and now the white of her eyeball was right on the cupid's bow of Jasmine's lips, a present like that Irene had never quite known in her life before. Too fast. Too close. She had to

"Jazzy, I-"

And Jasmine was staggering back and maybe, maybe this was wrong and this was a bad idea? But words fell out of Irene's mouth, glances fell out of Irene's dilated iris, she probably would have fallen out of her clothes there and then because she forgot. She forgot everything, everything except

"- I... I- I, I-"

Yep. Eye to eye.

"I like you, Jazzy. I like you a lot. I want to be your..."

It came out so fast she wasn't even sure what she'd said, but she'd said it and it already hurt, right in her heart with it's ventricles. She had four of those, because 'love' was a four letter word. Like the quiet agonizing flutter of her four parts of heart the word she really wanted to say couldn't be heard, but Irene was there and she heard it, her heart thumping against her chest. Right in the hollow chamber of her ear, echoing, echoing like the sluice of the river below her feet and the peaceful rumble of the earth through her shin and Jazzy right to her face saying
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past