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There was a smile.

There was a beam.

There was a feeling, deep down and rising up within her body which was warm which was full which was just so happy because yes yes yes Irene actually liked this place even though Jasmine didn’t think she would. She wan’t sure what to expect before going here. She hoped that Irene liked it but she didn’t know if she would. Knowing what she was like Jasmine thought that… she didn’t know. She thought that she’d mock her for liking it. Mock her for how serious she was being. She knew that Irene would mock her for some reason but she knew that she wouldn’t mind too much, they could just talk and go home and do things there - there was still so much she wanted to do, after all - but she didn’t even have to worry about that now! Irene liked this place! Now there was probably more that they could do here! She couldn’t wait.

And for once, she was actually happy that she was wrong about something.

She turned her head away, back down onto the river, then to the right. The other side of the path still stood. The stones were smaller, as they always had been, but they still likely made a splash. That was good. The place hadn’t changed at all. Not since the days where she and dad came here while walking to school. Not in the years passed. That was good. That made her happy. She could come back to this place and do exactly what she did. She couldn’t quite say that she could continue walking to school after, but still.

And Irene liked it, too! She turned her head away from the river, and back to her.

She was standing where she had been previously, but she was… different. In an odd position. Leaning. Looking away. In the distance. At nothing.

That was odd. Was there an issue? Jasmine didn’t know.

She tapped her fingers, grabbed the railway of the bridge.

It was probably best if she tried to find out.

“Is anything wrong?”
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past