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Jane frowned a little in response to Oskar declining her request. Who was the medic here? Yeah, technically, she was only a greenhorn herself, but she'd have bet his ass and her own that she knew more about this sort of stuff than him. Eh, she'd let him have his way, not her problem.

"Well, whatever. Your leg, not mine."

Her hands wandered back to the med kit, fished out a single utensil, then went to apply it on Oskar's wounds. Med kit, leg, repeat. She was fully engrossed in fixing up his scratches and welts as best as she could, while completely ignoring Caedyn at the same time. Heard her say something. Didn't matter. Probably just some spiteful shit.

A few relatively quiet minutes later, her work was done. She had to admit, she was pretty damn proud of herself. Had managed to get this done despite everything. Took something to accomplish that.

A smile of complacency lingered on her lips for a few seconds as she observed the new bandages on Oskar's now not-so-bare legs. Then she lifted her head to talk to him.

"There, that should do it. Also, I think we should get moving now, yeah? Like, we've been taking roots for god knows how long now."

She lifted herself to her feet, brushing off some dirt of her dress. They needed to get going, maybe find some people or just go and camp out somewhere. Whatever, as long as Caedyn wouldn't go on her nerves. Or even better, just fuck off completely.

She looked down at Oskar. Hard to not feel bad for the guy, really. Looked delicate like a mayflower, or how that saying went. Probably was too. Eh, checked out, as long as he wasn't too much of a burden to her.

"Better get up now, lazybones. And yeah, I'm still waiting for a 'thank you'."

((Jane Madison continued elsewhere))
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