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"You think so?" Alex asked, glancing back over his shoulder (and making sure he could see the other man from the corner of his eye). "I couldn't tell. I thought perhaps he'd been desecrated after the fact. Each would raise some interesting questions."

He pondered the body, and he pondered the man, too. Jeremy...something. He couldn't remember the last name. Bit of an introvert, but Alex had seen him down in the pit on a few shows.

"And each shows a frightful lack of control, doesn't it?" Alex asked. "One way or another, it was important for her to dominate the body. Either by pain or by mocking the corpse. Hardly seems like she could be the fittest, does it?"

Ah, interesting. That was a motivation, wasn't it? It could turn him into something of an anti-villain. A man determined to win, but also to be the example of what honorable victory looked like. Clean. Precise. Why else had he cut down Rea?

Because you were scared.

"I think someone will have to educate Ms. Ramirez," Alex mused, glancing down at his sword and squelching the whisper in his mind. "On how to properly kill."
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