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"Yo, someone in here?"

Voices at the door. She looked up, panicked. She'd just heard that monstrous list of the dead. She'd lost the brave man she'd barely down, and the cousin she didn't know well enough, and the friend who...who...!

Who was left that she could trust?

She stared at the two people who'd just burst in, eyes still red and cheeks still damp. Jae? The weird Asian goth kid. And with him was...

Oh, Nessie. One the guitarists for Peyote Coyote. She rubbed her eyes, almost smiled, and then remembered that one of the men she'd met yesterday had killed someone.


"Uh," she started. "H-hey." She sniffed again, tried to clean her face. Stupid. Why are you embarrassed about crying? After what you just heard, who in their right mind wouldn't be sad?

And who in their right mind wouldn't be scared?

"Sorry," she managed. "J-just...Harold and...and Lettie and Tina, you...y'know?" There was a hitch in her voice. Fuck, she'd never been much of a crier, but she couldn't imagine it. How could it be possible that she'd never seen Scarlet again? Never see Tina? How could it be possible...

What the fuck?
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