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((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from A World of Sadness))

Penelope walked down the fetid stairs to the asylum's basement, gagging on the stale air as she sunk further into the depths below.

After Penelope had left the gym, her day had been mostly unremarkable. She wandered around the facilities near the gym, looking for her boyfriend, or any friends she could count on. As she stayed on the move, she only saw unfamiliar faces of people passing from the different areas, on the move themselves. People she couldn't trust to join her in her plan without any sort of support behind her. So whenever she saw anyone, she hid. Often finding that they either didn't notice her or actively moved away from her themselves. Eventually, the sun started setting, and so Penelope hid in one of the staff housing blocks for the night, only to get back on the move as the early morning twilight peeked into the window nearby where she tucked herself away.

Soon after making it out of the staff housing block, she moved towards the connecting bridge while narrowly avoiding being seen by a short girl in a blood soaked pink sweater who had just crossed it, hoping that she might find a friendly face in the buildings on the other side.

So Penelope entered the asylum, before making her way towards the basement, where she was now.

Glancing down the dark and musty hallway of the asylum basement, Penelope's flashlight beam splitting the darkness, she saw before her three doors, spread out quite a fair distance from one another. One on the farthest end, one near on the side, and one halfway down the hallway on the other side. A sense of dread washed over her as she looked between the doors. She felt only despair hiding behind each one. Frozen from fear, from concern about what she could find on the other side of the doors, she looked between them, before turning to the nearest door leading into the lobotomy lab. Penelope moved towards the slightly ajar heavy door, before stopping as she reached the handle. Maybe she should knock first, announce her presence. One of her friends or someone she knows might be behind the door. They might be paranoid, scared. They might attack her as soon as she opened the door before even realizing who she was. She would die with no fanfare and they would feel guilty for the rest of their presumably short lives.

Penelope reached out her empty hand and knocked on the door, loud enough for anyone inside the room to hear, but not loud enough for anyone in the other rooms to hear. At least, that was the idea.

Penelope leaned her flashlight into the dark room, letting the beam fall on the wall, some cabinets, and a few boxes of junk. She spoke. "Hello? Anyone in here? It's uh... Penelope. Penelope Fitzgerald. I'm coming inside here, and if anyone is in here... I won't hurt you. I promise. So... please, don't hurt me. Please."

Then, Penelope leaned on the door, pushing it open.
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