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((Nancy Kyle continued from 見てください.))

Back at the asylum, but this time, there was no fear in Nancy's steps, even as her shoes and socks got soaked from the layer of water on the floor. She pushed open the doors to the large room, taking in the sight.

This room was dank and unpleasant. Nancy scrunched her nose in disgust and shivered. In any other circumstance, she would have avoided this place, but...

It was a peculiar thing, the basement. If Nancy was going to enact her plan, she needed to play it smart. She needed to avoid large groups, and in her mind, that meant this was the perfect place. Because it was gloomy and creepy. And loners would look for dark, hidden places to hide away in. right?


"Nancy-chan's big break is starting," she said, her voice echoing through the room. She giggled, a slight creepiness edging it, as she slowly stepped over to the back of the room. The doors there led to another area. If someone were to come in here, her best bet would be to hide in this room in the back.

One push against the doors proved her wrong. The doors were heavy and made quite a bit of noise as they creaked against their rusted hinges. The room was large. If she hid in the back, someone could have fled by the time she pushed open the doors and ran at them. She didn't trust someone to try and hide out in the room either, so...

Even if it meant getting her legs wet...

Nancy crouched down behind one of the tubs, making sure to duck low. She kept her ears perked.
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