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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Five seconds, two seconds. Time! That, Olivia had plenty of.

Neither of her study mates could read her expression, perhaps, but she made sure they could read her body language. The sun caressed her form, again just narrowly short of prickly sunburn. Even on a school day the contour of her face was expertly managed. Eyes brown or hazel- fact and opinion liked to dramatically deviate on that one- appraised her two acquaintances in turn. Olivia, a close friendship with a historically solid precedent of Latanna's dominance. Kanuho, something of an antithesis of that ideal. Latanna smiled at both. They knew where the chairs were, and she'd already pulled them out to that effect. One beside her, one for Kanuho. A bit further away, for all parties involved needed the room. Kanuho took his seat without preamble. Predictable!

A page flipped under her fingers. She made something of a casual show of scanning a few lines, giving herself a few moments to think.

Kanuho and his lingual skills. He made an excellent case for matching her talents. Made his tongue sound so smooth and neat instead of slurring the triple vowel. Home territory advantage accounted for it was all rather impressive, as he generally tended to be. Imposing in wit as he was in form. Hm! Well she could have responded in kind or at least made an attempt, she'd essentially learned bits of his language from him secondhand, but she doubted she'd look any better for paper cut pronunciation.

That talking point was thus silently conceded.

"I hope you've both managed to eat? Putting together this paper'll be quite the doozy." A few more lines cleared, Latanna doing her best to navigate multitasking with dignity. Doing a good job, she liked to think. "How's school been? Final few months and we're all hanging in there, of course." Latanna was doing far above and beyond the mere 'hanging in' but setting the bar low set it for all constituents. "I've heard rumors of Sadies asks already flying around! Bit early, but I suppose now's a good time as any." The page flipped once more, with Latanna setting a smattering of considerations to pen and paper. Blue ink, like all Student Council correspondence had to be by rule. "Either of you get or give one yet?" Hopefully Olivia would be willing to fairly contribute. The grape vine that curled through Student Council as thick and vein-like as it did the rest of the school gave Latanna something of an idea of Kanuho's possible suitors...? But Olivia's gentle tongue sometimes failed to betray her intimate thoughts quite as much as Latanna would have liked it to.

"I could never ask, myself. I know it's in good fun but it just doesn't seem proper to me."
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