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A voice, out of the dark.

Alex whirled, a sharp cold shock stopping his heart and spasming across his body. It would have reached his face, to show his naked terror: it took every instinct he had to instead make his eyes flash into an appraising glare. Surprised, yes: he might be larger than life, but he could have his flaws. But scared? A villain couldn't be scared. A monster couldn't be scared.

How to be a monster that exceeds this?

He allowed (forced) a small smile to flicker beneath his glaring eyes.

"You presume wrong," Alex said. "We all understand it. Some of us are just more willing to admit that fact."

He gestured towards the broken body with his machete. He tried to make the gesture as casual as possible, as though he was not conscious of the thing in his hand as a weapon that had already killed a woman.

"You already know why he died," Alex said. "Now the question is: why was he killed? More to the point: why was he killed like this?"
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