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A voice called out.

She jumped. Turned. There was someone in here already. How could she not have seen that? It didn’t make sense. He was near the wall close to where she entered the room so how did she not notice him? She would have seen him, even if it was only in the corner of her eye. It didn’t make sense. She should have seen him. She should have seen him before she had entered the room and she could have made a plan of how to talk to him. That would have been the smart thing to do, but instead she just decided to walk in without even trying to check. And now she was here, alone with the other person. At least she could work with that. He was Sandy. Not someone she personally knew - although since they were both in the same middle school she knew about his parents - but at least that meant he didn’t likely hate her. If she could say a couple things, maybe she could finally attain the ally she wanted.

The words rebuking her came out of his mouth before she even got the chance to say hello.

He didn’t want to be with other people. She grimaced. That was a bad idea on his part. He’d be alone and then he’d have nothing to protect him if someone like the people on the announcements came. No. That wasn’t a good idea at all. Still, if he wanted to do the less intelligent thing and get himself killed, there was only so much that Jasmine could do about that. She turned her foot towards the door, ready to excuse herself before leaving, but…


She wouldn’t.

She couldn’t. No. She couldn’t just leave. She was alone. She needed people. She had had so many opportunities to find other people at this point and she had squandered all of them entirely because of her actions. She had made all of her mistakes. She was the reason why she wasn’t in a group. She had done everything wrong so far and it was all beginning to add up on her. No. She wasn’t going to make any more mistakes. She wasn’t going to just run and leave people by themselves.

She wasn’t going to be alone.

She just needed to think of something to say, though. Something that worked as a response to what Sandy had just said and a way to get him to change his mind. That was easy. She had done this before. Things on what to say to do what she was doing just came naturally, at this point.

“Why? Did…”

Her voice skipped. Surprise. Tingling sensation of fear crawling up her arms and making her unsure of what she should-

No. She couldn’t feel that. Not now.

“Did something happen?”
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