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Jasmine smirked, slightly, as she replied to Irene’s question.

“You’ll see. Just follow me.”

She giggled, as she turned towards the door. She had rhymed again. She couldn’t say that the second time was intentional, either, but she didn’t really mind that. Irene would think that she had done it on purpose, but she didn’t really think that that would be any sort of issue.

“But anyway, let’s go!” She said, heading out the door.

It was slightly cold out.

Only slightly. It wasn’t too much of a problem, but Jasmine could still feel the edges of it on her skin. Again, it was only slight, not something that she’d notice normally, but the lack of anything to distract her meant that it was currently the greatest thing on her mind. They hadn’t spoken since they had started walking. It wasn’t really due to anything, they just hadn’t. They were both walking past a school, Jasmine in front. It was the one that she used to go to, before she met Irene. It had changed, slightly. There were new buildings, from what she could see. There was a billboard, with news about upcoming events on it. Still, even with those new additions she couldn’t see anything else major. The buildings where her classes were were still there. The mural on the library was, as well. They still hadn’t removed the old playground. Even with everything that had been added, she could still see it for the place it once was.

She hoped that she got to go back, one day. When she finished school proper. When everything had worked out for her. She could come back, and show everyone there what she had become.

She smiled.

That would be nice.

The cold hit her again, chilly sensation brushing against her lower arms and legs.

Her smile dropped.

She really should have brought a jumper.

It was a right turn, after the school. Two, if you counted crossing the street. There was a crossroads after that; left, right, or forward. Going right would have put them in a circle, and going left would have sent them in the wrong direction, so forward it was. Down the slope, onto the bridge, and stop.

She was here. Irene was still on the slope.

She looked down, off the bridge. She could still see the river coming down. She looked to the side, at the slopes. There were still rocks there. Big enough to throw in, as well. The slope to the side, the one that led down further into the river, also seemed to still be there.

She smiled.

This place hadn’t changed.

“And we’re here!” She exclaimed. “What do you think?”

She hoped Irene could appreciate it.
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past